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A little about our CEO.  


Ken started working with small and medium businesses in 2014.  He translated a decade of experience in credit data analytics in retail banking into finding useful insights for business owners. While working for First Union/Wachovia, Ken held the post of Vice President in Corporate Credit. Strategies. 


Ken has his undergraduate degrees in Economics and Political Science from Duke University, where he graduated with honors. He has followed this with post-graduate work at Standford University and the University of  Chicago.  All of this work has been in data visualization techniques and information technology topics. 


Ken's priority is to get the results needed for your organization. When necessary, he does this by using a network of trusted freelancers that he has cultivated relationships with over the past 5 years.  Otherwise, he strives to meet all project deadlines.

No problem is too big or all:  Give us a call! 

Email: info@mindrover.tech  |  Tel: 833-831-0036